Louis the Delivery Boy

& Assembler. 

Always has his white gloves on and is a charmer with the ladies. 

Good things come in in small packages. 

Bez - PR & Iinternational relations

always off travelling or 'whining' and dining clients, She never says no to dessert! one of the mature members of the team, she may be a little slow and forgettful but don't underestimate her sweet talk.

Cheleyne the Sassy Secretary. 

Always ready for a tinkle, the phone lines are always open with cheleyne in the house. Sassy and smart, Cheleyne has an answer to everything.

Che The Party Planner.

The life & soul of the party, he is sure to put on a show. With amazing singing talents, he will be sure jazz up any event.

Leila - Front of House

(sometimes in the dog house)

Attentive and eratic, she has the front of house covered. Best friends with cheleyne, the cheeky pair are sure to stir up some sort of trouble in the daily happenings of the shop.


Flossie Official Cake Tester

Evidently they're good!

Warning: Please refrain from leaving any leftovers in the tearoom. Flossie is now on a strict diet.

Dougie - customer service

Dougie always has a smile on his face and is happy to help with anything and everything. He would carry your furniture to the edge of the earth for you just to make you happy!