Press for Champagne darling...

Bob Bob Ricard's 

1 Upper James Street 


Well... what can I say about Bob Bob Ricard's?

Truly amazing would be an understatement. Its like stepping back in time into a 1920's Great Gatsby party venue. Mesmerising. After our dining experience I cannot recommend BBR enough for a special occasion. It is a unique and elegant place to dine. Unfortunately, my budget will not stretch to a weekly visit or I would be here every Friday evening. 

After arriving and being welcomed, we were seated in the opulent tealy blue and gold booths with neat marble topped tables. Lush! Immediately I spotted the iconic "Press for champagne" button, but resisted the temptation to buzz before ordering food. The meal was exquisite. The attention to detail is not only apparent in the Art Deco inspired deco but in the sleek presentation of the food. 

The time had come..

The attentive waiter arrived swiftly after we had pressed, snap chatted and Instagrammed the momentous button pressing occasion, to take our champagne order. You cannot go wrong with a good pink champagne, plus it's so pretty. 

To be completely honest I think and so will you, that we all need a "Press for champagne" either as a doorbell at home or beside our bed. It is such a simple yet amazing unique selling point to this venue carried out with a great deal of class. It makes the idea of ordering a drink a exciting event and I'm sure they sell a vast amount of champagne because of it. But don't just order the champagne their cocktails are too die for. They taste even better as they are served in beautiful crystal cut glass flutes and glasses. 

A special mention to whoever made the truffle mash potato.. praise is needed and maybe even a medal! I would have been happy to have just eaten that all night. It is a must to order if you are visiting. 

Bob Bob Ricard's is one place to put on your bucket list of restaurants to visit. 

If you are able to go and resist pressing the button then you have some serious will power and we salute you. 

Love MD&E

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