Real or Fake...Take your pick!

Are you constantly buying fresh flowers for your home?

Ending up feeling deflated when the heads have dropped and petals begin to fall a few days later...we know how you feel!

Well why not invest in your home's happiness and treat yourself to some of our beautiful artificial flowers.

Our newest and most fascinating additions to our wide range of flowers are our real touch roses. With velvety like textured petals and lifelike colour hues, these roses will easily have you fooled!

You will adore them as much as we do, that's a promise!

Why not pop into the Parlour Tea Room for a cream tea and take a look (and a feel) for yourself?

Can you tell the difference?

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 1 = Artificial

Picture 2 = Real

With our flowers ranging from £4 per stem, it's easy to bring the outdoors in.

Choose from our extensive floral range of hydrangeas, roses, peonies, tulips and so much more.

Pick colour hues that compliment your decor, or dare to go bold and stand out, by choosing contrasting colours.

Pop in store and ask a member of our friendly team, to help you create a floral arrangement for your home or follow our top tips below:

*Choose a focal flower, something with a fairly large head in odd numbers*

(Good examples are a rose or peony)

*Insert stems at an angle if creating a hand-tie*

*Pull in some smaller blooms to bulk and harmonise your colour scheme*

*Take a bird's eye view to make sure there are no gaps in between*

*Tweak your arrangement and tie with some ribbon, twine or tissue paper*

Flower Power!

MD&E x

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