A trip to the gym... but not the kind you are thinking of. German Gymnasium Restaurant

Our recent visit to The German Gymnasium was most definitely a night to remember. We had spotted this photo worthy restaurant on Instagram and we decided it would be the perfect place to celebrate our boss's birthday.

We approached the building by foot, just a short walk from Kings Cross Station, immediately recognising the building from pictures we had seen. The beautiful original architecture creates such a statement amongst the more modern buildings, it is surrounded by. Inside, the historic beauty continues and has been truly emphasised and not overwhelmed by the clever compositions and unique style of their designers. The symmetry created inside is very intriguing and important in adding to the aesthetic beauty of the space. By simply arranging the placement of tables, the two staircases dominating either side of the centralised bars and the floral focal point the space is very pleasing to the eye.

A little bit of history.. Built and designed initially by Edward Gruning in 1864-5 The German Gymnasium was the first purpose built gymnasium in England. This venue was vastly influential in the development of athletics across the country.

As you walk inside and are directed to your table, you will appreciate the grand scale of the building. The space is overwhelmingly beautiful. We were seated upstairs in the restaurant where you have a brilliant birds-eye view, from the balcony onto the other diners. Even though, there are many tables, bar stools, seating etc the space somehow still feels airy and spacious meaning you do not feel as though you're on top of any other guests. Clever low wall lighting and up lighting on columns around the building create a sense of character and atmosphere to the already gorgeous building.

Another detail which we all admired (and photographed) was the iconic McQueen Flowers floral displays. The cherry blossom design brought a lift of colour into the space and reflected the spring season which was fast approaching. On the ground floor stood proudly an amazing full life size tree which took central place amongst all the tables. Dotted around the top level were smaller replicas of the ground floor focal point adding to the consistency of the theme which ran throughout. (As you can see in the pictures below they are truly beautiful)

The service was flawless, friendly and frequent. We were not at all bombarded or contrastingly left without something we needed. The food was exquisite and well presented paying great attention to detail. There is a large choice from the full menu or a set menu which is extremely reasonable at £25 for two courses. We thought it would be rude not to order a few of their different flavoured Bellinis... I mean we were celebrating. We opted for the fresh Elderflower and Peach Bellinis and the Passion and Vanilla ones. They were rather lush! The drink which was so aesthetically pleasing was the Beija Flor, you should order it just to take a photo. A pretty pink cocktail something we all love, served in a coupe glass adorned with an edible flower and a delicate rice paper butterfly. Instagram-worthy to say the least!

Our two hour time slot was nearing the end and the lovely waitress said she could reserve us a table at the bar area if we wished to carry on our celebrations. A nice and tactile approach to remind us that they needed the table shortly. At no point did we feel rushed through which was lovely.

As a group of ages ranged from 21-50 is and we all throughly enjoyed our experience at The German Gymnasium. I am sure we will all be returning and bringing many other friends and family with us.

Love MD&E

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